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What makes China the fastest growing country for foreign educational scholarships?

Is it on your mind to study in china? Discover one of the best study abroad destinations in this article.

World-class education

China welcomed almost 387,000 international students in 2014, Making it one of the top destinations for students from abroad. Different programs taught in English and partnerships granting mutual recognition of academic degrees with almost 70 countries.

Globalization has made it more crucial for countries to allow foreign students to study in their universities. China has taken great steps to promote its university system to foreign students.

The university has established strong ties with American universities, including Stanford University and New York University. Michelle Obama delivered a speech on behalf of the association in 2014, which brought national attention.

Furthermore, the involvement of the government in educational establishments in China aims to raise the standard of education in the country. Your education in China will be of the highest quality, no matter where you choose to study.

Professional opportunities

As the second-largest economy in the world, China recently outpaced Japan, so students from abroad will continue to have more opportunities! You must have a strong understanding of Chinese culture and the language if you plan on working in a Chinese company. In almost any major economy, you will have the opportunity to succeed by working for a Chinese company. A student from another country will gain knowledge of the language, culture, and labor market, which will give them an edge in competitive job markets. Here are some English-taught universities.

Cost of living

The cost of living in China is significantly cheaper than in the United States, United Kingdom, or Japan. A large meal costs between £2 and £3 and a round trip on public transport costs less than 50 cents. While the study visa costs £75, it is significantly less expensive than a British visa.

It is amazingly cheap to rent a place in Costa Rica, although rental rates outside the country can be quite high. Beijing – the capital – has an average dormitory price of £112 per month.

Unparalleled experience

The Chinese have a history of over 4,000 years, which has led them to innovate in a variety of fields such as business, astronomy, martial arts, and philosophy — while also making significant contributions to the fields of science, literature, and religion. The experience of embracing Chinese culture is unlike any other, even if it is difficult to adapt at first. China is an extremely populous country, and one of the world’s largest. Mountains dominate the southwest, while deserts cover the north and the coast. The Himalayan Mountains are in the southwest, while beaches make up the north. With the trains that connect the main cities, it is also possible to explore this country at high speed (and at a very reasonable price!). Whichever part of China you study in, you can be sure that the experience will be unforgettable and will change your life forever!

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